of the Past

Travel Agent/Tour guide to the supernatural

History is filled with Ghosts; if we would only listen?

About me

Thomas McGovern Jr

enterprising tour guide

Accomplished storyteller, knowledgeable historian, and enterprising travel agent/tour guide specializing in historic travel that excite and transform the client’s experience. Utilize a highly inclusive and outgoing personality that will promote group participation and a fun and memorable tour experience.

I demonstrate deep knowledge of various places, skilled in advanced research, and able to work with industry contacts, travel agencies, and museums. A skilled writer with experience that brings words to life.


  • Natural Artistic Flair
  • Clear & Concise Storyteller
  • Understand graphic design and am interested in the community of Salem MA, Savannah GA and Gettysburg PA ~Deep Knowledge of Travel, Geography, History, Attractions
  • Plan Memorable Trips and Excursions Outgoing/Approachable Personality
  • Knowledgeable of Different Places
  • Advanced Research Skills


Highly capable of showcasing areas of interest to tourists and spinning stories/narratives about the area or historical events associated with each location.

Superb communicator and storyteller with ability to utilize historical content of the area to deliver exciting or even frightful stories of events that occurred.

Knowledgeable of and proficient in History and well-versed in Colonial and Pre-Colonial history . Gaining insight into various historical categories including the supernatural and the macabre . Expertly record events and tell stories using compelling prose by writing on people, places, events.

As a travel agent/tour guide, I’m an artist who, using technical skills and an artistic approach to designing tours of subjects, places, events, etc. Communicate effectively with clients regarding project expectations and deadlines—recommend creative ideas and solutions to achieve desired results.

Ghosts of the past

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